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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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secretary avery: commissioner, you are now on item 10, case 2010.0459c for 130 turk street. >> good afternoon, president miguel and commissioner, i'm rick crawford of department staff. this is to provide day care for up to 60 dogs on a ground floor and new ly completed mezzanine and the additional construction would add a fourth story to the building and nine residential units on the three upper floors and residential parking and that department was approved by the commission a few years ago. the project is on the north side of church street between jones and taylor in an rc-4 district.
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the planning code provides for animal hospitals or clinics if conducted entirely within an enclosed building. in january of 2007, the zoning administrator determined that animal clinics include dog day care facilities. these facilities with 12 dogs or fewer are considered retail uses and facilities with more than 12 are regulated as animal hospitals and that is why this case is. you today. this is on the first floor to provide dog day care in a low income neighborhood where no such service is now available and will provide students to have pets receive care while they are at work or school. the department has received seven letters of support including one from the better alliance for the district and one letter expressing concerns and one call in opposition.
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the project will be required, accumulation, the project has been reviewed by the health department and they have standards that pertain to hospitals and pet shops but say they do not have specific jurisdiction over this use. i have passed out to you and you should find a copy of the health department standards and may wish to include these or some of them in your conditions of approval. stum. the sponsor is working with details on the waste disposal system and would typically require adequate soundproofing of the building. and we have one change in our conditions of approval that i would like to bring to your attention on condition number five and i have handed out a revised condition to you. we have beefed up the noise and odor control aspects of that
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condition. to reflect they are not as directly involved in the enforcement as we originally thought. the department recommendser toization as it advances the objectives and policies and meets applicable requirements and provides the desirable and necessary service to the neighborhood. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. thank you so much. a >> thank you. project sponsor? >> i would like to say a few words about the day care. could you put my slides up? thank you for considering this conditional use application. i propose to put a district serving canine day care facility in the heart of the tenderloin between the civic center bart station.
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if you look closer, it is the second lock of turk -- it is the second block of turk near the golden gate theater and on that block we have residences, parking garages, and a rescue mission. this is from the google maps. the facility was a bathhouse until the early 80's and it has been vacant since then and we are very much hoping to find the best use for this space. we want to run a well run doggy day care facility and this will be a cage-free facility to encourage socialization. we have 3651 square feet total to work with. this is from the earlier approved plan that we have for a commercial space below the second floor. we plan to create four play
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areas. each would be 250 to 1,400 square feet and each of these play areas would have a dedicated pack leader that would be one of the personnel that would manage the group of dogs. the dogs would be divided by size and temperament and there would be no more than 15 dogs per play area. we have another area which would be used for the reception and another area for time-out and for feeding areas. we would also offer other supplies such as dog walking and residents in the meetings that i have talked to have brought up there are no dog supply stores so we would offer supplies in the reception area as well. this just to give you a view, this design was from the earlier approved plans for the first floor and we have an area for small dogs and an area for medium dogs and a second area for medium dog which is you can see on the first floor plan.
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please note these are each setback at least 12 feet from the street. so we will have a reception area where the dogs come in and will meet and greet them, but the dogs in the play areas are back further in the back. we propose to put the large dogs in the basement and that would be in the back area of the basement and then in the mezzanine that would be the space number five which we would use as a time-out area and for other purposes such as bathing or grooming. we do want to follow the health department guidelines and the building department guidelines. we're going to be using easy to clean hard surfaces so these will be right now we have a concrete floor and we will be putting epoxy over that. it is not level. it is about 2 inches off, so we'll be putting drains on the low side so that these surface cans be hosed off and the dog
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waste will be washed into the city sewer system. generally there is a designated area for the dogs to do their business but sometimes they do them in other places and you really have to plan to clean the whole place down. also if there is a problem with smell and waste, the customers don't like that and then you start losing your customers. we're going to be providing waste bags in front of the building and i would like to provide them at other areas in the neighborhood but that would encourage our dog owner customers to be sure and clean up as they're coming and going from the facility. we're also going to have the dog care workers patrol the immediate area to pick up any dog waste that our customers may have brought. and only the first floor and the basement may be used for commercial use. the second floor and above is residential per the permit that was approved several years ago. we're only doing day care. we do not have approval to do overnight or a kennel.
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that is not approved so this is only during the day and the floor plan, that follows the previously approved building plan. we want to minimize the impact on the neighborhood and barking is not good social behavior and is not tolerated in well run doggy day cares. the dogs that are barking, it causes stress for some. o'er dogs and so those dogs are reprimanded and if they still keep barking then they are put into a time-out area. if the dogs become a big problem, then they will not be invited back. the building has one foot thick reinforced concrete walls to minimize sound. there is no residences on either side of the first floor and will only be doing the day care, no overnight stays. we do want to maximize neighborhood benefit. we want to reduce crime by replacing store front that has been vacant for over 25 years with a vibrant business. we want to provide a needed
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service for those living and working in the neighborhood and also provide eight to 10 new jobs. thank you very much for your time. i'm available to answer any questions. president miguel: thank you. >> can we see him? >> sure. >> i am randy shaw and before i tell you why i think it's very important we support david's project, i want to thank the commission for the comments you made at the conclusion of the hearing on the cpmc about the traffic impact in the tenderloin because since you made your comments, they contacted us to find out about the little saigon plan and your comments have influenced the whole debate. president miguel: thank you.
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>> if you know that block of turk, not the easiest place to attract businesses. that place was the old bulldog bass and i tried to encourage david and i think he's going to rename it the bulldog bass which fits in with the tenderloin historic district but that is a space and a block that has been getting a lot better. across the street they have painted the buildings and they are beautiful and aunt charlie's, another classic landmark across the street and that one site has been a real problem for 25 years and you saw the photo. and so this seems like a great use to me because we don't have this in the neighborhood and what may surprise you in the tenderloin is how many people are walking dogs. there are a lot of dog owners and in the hotels there are a lot of people with companion animals and we have a lot of so this is a good use and the jobs creation and dave has got a grt


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